Saturday, 7 April 2012


Hey Guys! I'm having a blog sale! I have some clothing in my closet I know longer wear and I figured I'd see if anyone else wanted it in their closet! Everything is in excellent condition and has only been worn a couple times unless previously mentioned. 
-I can only ship to the US due to shipping charges, it would be too expensive :(
-Shipping is $3 for each item and $2 extra for any additional items
-We can work through Paypal unless you email me otherwise
-If you are interested, message me on youtube with your name and address along with what clothing item(s) you'd like :)
Thanks so much and let me know if you'd like me to do more of these!

Mellie Blanco Satchel: $15
 Black Leather skirt: (Size S) NEVER BEEN WORN* $20
 Tribal Forever 21 top: (Size S) $10

 Chinese (open back) top: (Size S) * NEVER BEEN WORN $10 

 Black and White store thick tank top: (Size S) *NEVER BEEN WORN $20
 Black and gold workout tank: (Size S) $5
 Black sequin corset: (Size S) $10
 Purple Flower top: (Size S) $8
 Black winged top: (Size S) $10
 Pink and Black checkered sleeveless flannel: (Size M) $5
 Mauve sequin dress: (Size S) *NEVER BEEN WORN $13

 Black ruching one shouldered club dress: (Size S)*WORN ONCE $13

 Flowered high waisted skirt: (Size S) $7
 Sailor dress: (Size S) *NEVER BEEN WORN $10

 Zippered flower dress: (Size S) *WORN ONCE $7
 Forever 21 sun dress: (Size S) $8
 Hollister velvet skirt: (Size 0) *WORN ONCE $10
 (SORRY IT'S UPSIDE DOWN) Black belted tube top: (Size S) $5
 Karmaloop dress: (Size M) *WORN ONCE

 Billabong Riversable sweatshirt: (Size S) $10
 American Eagle top: (Size S) $5