Monday, 11 October 2010

Soft feet?

   Sorry for the lack of videos this week, it was homecoming week so I was super busy! I have a couple videos planned :) So here's a quick little post to hold you over.
    Anyways, as we all know vaseline has many useful purposes that are beauty related. If you guys are interested in on ways to use vaseline comment below.
   One of my favorite ways to use vaseline is as a foot mask. Your thinking wtf is this girl talking about but I promise you, this works!
All you need is
-A pair of socks(These are cute)

and of course your feet:P

At night before you go to bed, take a good amount of vaseline and rub it all over your feet. Make sure no part of your foot is left uncovered! Next carefully put on your socks and go to bed. Hours later when you wake up in the morning your feet will feel a bit slimy, but they will feel amazingly smooth and refreshed! I do this all the time after a hard day! 

Let me know if you try this out!
xo Ty