Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stop oil in its tracks!

    I'm not going to lie... I'm a sucker for products. I watch A LOT of reviews on basically every product out there and I figure out what products sound good, and what products sound like they need to go in the trash! Although a lot of guru's give positive reviews, some also give negative reviews.. so you need to make sure you do your research when you decide to finally buy a product. 
     I was a sucker for JLovesMac1's review on skindinavia finishing sprays. Lately my face has been a lot more oily then usual. I normally have combination skin (oil in my T zone) but it seems like this past month I've had oil EVERYWHERE... and it's been causing me to break out! Yuck! I read Jarmaines review on the sprays and figured these sprays would be the solution to my problem... and I was right!
   I have the "Dance" spray and the "No more shine" spray! Here are the descriptions of each spray:

-No More Shine-
Matte hold on oily skin 
-10 Years Younger-
Resists drying and creasing.
-Cool Flash-
Heat resistant makeup hold. 
Active use makeup hold.
    I use the dance spray for nights out, and the no more shine spray for everyday use. I've seen a really nice difference in my skin and my oil has seemed to calm down a bit! I have MAC's fix plus but to me it feels like I'm just spraying my face with water; these sprays seem to actually have a purpose!
   Sometimes I regret being "suckered" into buying a product.. but after reading a ton of reviews and actually trying out the products myself, I'm glad I made the choice of getting it!

Do you own any skindinavia products? Comment below:)
xo Ty

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Morraccan Argan Oil

Morraccan oil is well known on youtube because of the "beauty remedies" it is used for. A lot of salons carry Morraccan oil, however the price for the amount of product is insane! You all know I'm verry penny smart and don't like to waste a lot of money. But since I had heard so much good talk about this oil, I figured I'd pick some up and give it a try.. (even if it did mean spending a good amount of cash) I got mine from eden allure. (

Supposedly Morracan Oil helps:
-rejuvinate skin
-moisturizes and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles
-protects from harmful radicals that speed up aging

I have two of the beauty bars in Lavender and Grapefruit.

These bars are very soft and moisturizing,however I'm not too fond of the smell.

Now the most talked about out of all of the products I have is definately the pure oil. The oil is mainly used for the skin or hair ( I use mine in my hair) and it helps keep everything soft and moisturized. I normally put the oik in the tips of my hair after I wash it, and I find that it does keep my ends soft, but the oil dosen't completely dry 100% and leaves an oily residue. I heard it's good for dry scalps, so I'm going to try it as a spot treatment on my scalp. 

Overall I do like morracan oil, but I don't know if it's the "beauty god" like everyone thinks it is.
Any thoughts?
xo Ty

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Over hyped? L.A. colors

So I've heard a lot of hype over these pallates because for a dollar, the shadows are very pigmented, large and pretty good quality. I would say the shadows are another great addition to the loved ELF shadows, however ELF shadows are a little softer, but the size of the shadow is also a lot smaller.
   I only have one L.A. shadows pallate which is in Hipnotic. I picked this up awhile ago at my dollar tree, and haven't really used it all that much because the colors in the pallate are blue, and I barely wear colored shadows anymore.
For a dollar, the number(6) and size of the shadows (0.14 oz) is a great deal! The colors aren't as smooth and are a little chalky,but for a dollar, you really can't go wrong! I love the blues for eyeliner! I do like all the colors but the white one. The white shadow is very chunky and chalky! Yuck!

 Here's a couple swatches:
Whats your favorite L.A. colors pallates?

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Bodycology vs. B&BW?

So I was recently hearing hype about bodycology and was curious to what was so great about it? I heard the brand is comparable to Bath and Body Works, however, so is the "body shop" but to me, B&BW still wins;)

I don't go to Walmart a lot, however this is where Bodycology is normally found.
I picked up 3 items; a body wash,body spray and hand soap.

My Mac flips the pictures,urgg!
The scent is unknown? All the bottle says is Ultra Rich, however it does say "New" so I assume it's new to the BC collection. When I smelled the body wash in the bottle, I wasn't too fond of it, but when I used it on my skin, it smelled very floral and I really like it!

The wash is a milky color and is very smooth on your skin. The texture is really creamy and easy to apply!

Next I picked up the scrubbing handsoap in "Cherry Blossom" in hopes it would be like the ones at B&BW, and I was right! The soap has little scrubbing beads in it, which exfoliate your hands and leaves them super soft! The smell is again very floral, and I could smell the scent as I was washing my hands!

Last is the body mist in "Midnight Garden" which is also a new smell. Again, in the spray bottle I wasn't thrilled with the smell,however when I sprayed in on my wrist, I fell in love! I can smell hints of lavender, and again just like the wash and soap, the scents are all very floral.

Overall I am very pleased with my first BC products and will definately purchase more from them again!

What are your fave Bodycology products? Leave comments below:)
xo Ty