Thursday, 30 September 2010

Stop oil in its tracks!

    I'm not going to lie... I'm a sucker for products. I watch A LOT of reviews on basically every product out there and I figure out what products sound good, and what products sound like they need to go in the trash! Although a lot of guru's give positive reviews, some also give negative reviews.. so you need to make sure you do your research when you decide to finally buy a product. 
     I was a sucker for JLovesMac1's review on skindinavia finishing sprays. Lately my face has been a lot more oily then usual. I normally have combination skin (oil in my T zone) but it seems like this past month I've had oil EVERYWHERE... and it's been causing me to break out! Yuck! I read Jarmaines review on the sprays and figured these sprays would be the solution to my problem... and I was right!
   I have the "Dance" spray and the "No more shine" spray! Here are the descriptions of each spray:

-No More Shine-
Matte hold on oily skin 
-10 Years Younger-
Resists drying and creasing.
-Cool Flash-
Heat resistant makeup hold. 
Active use makeup hold.
    I use the dance spray for nights out, and the no more shine spray for everyday use. I've seen a really nice difference in my skin and my oil has seemed to calm down a bit! I have MAC's fix plus but to me it feels like I'm just spraying my face with water; these sprays seem to actually have a purpose!
   Sometimes I regret being "suckered" into buying a product.. but after reading a ton of reviews and actually trying out the products myself, I'm glad I made the choice of getting it!

Do you own any skindinavia products? Comment below:)
xo Ty

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